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Why we love Machines

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Humans are filled with their various schemes and innuendos. We have since ancient times learnt to derive our satisfaction from our fellow humans. A man/woman is not said to be fulfilled or happy till he gets a wife/husband likewise a couple awaits full Joy or satisfaction till when they finally have a child of theirs, infact in Africa the couple with a child are pestered to have more kids especially if the only child is a girl, this is said to ensure continuity of the generation.

Many people who have some forms of wealth and having no debt still fill a gap in the fact that there is no communication or interaction in their daily lives with real people hence they have to go get a job to fill that perceived need.


However as we prolong in our jobs, families and daily living and transactions. We find that the real people you seek the perceived love and adoration from creates a bigger void you never thought about. Colleagues backstab, bosses are bias, spouses cheat, siblings rivalry, parents insensitivity, children rebellion etc. All these reactions tend to frustrate and overwhelm the innocent mind who sets out on a daily living with a'good mind'. Thus, the advent of technology filled a void.

Our mobile phones became our new friend to chat with, TV became our story teller replacing the old folks, taking it further many even explore sex toys to having real sex as they can’t cope with the seeming complexities of the opposite sex.

In all this who wins: 1. The socially aware individual who recognises that humans are not fixed in their dispositions as their moods and utterances are based on their present state or even your present status. 2. The sensitive organization that realises that individuals need to feel good and respected and thus provide products and services that are tailored to cater as such in every aspect. Who loses: The one who clings to old ways and expects new results.



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