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Diffusion: A catalyst for change

In chemistry, we learnt that diffusion is the movement of gases from a region of higher concentration to a region of lower concentration. What this means in simple terms is that gases move from a place where they are abundant to a place where they are few or non existent.

Another word to capture the essence of this article is a word in physics called resonance. Resonance is described as the lengthening effect of sound.
Bringing the above two definitions into a social context; materials, ideas, values, skills and resources that are predominant in an area need to move to other areas where they are not so abundant yet needed. This in economics is described as comparative advantage.This exodus helps to increase the appreciation and value of the relocated skills, resources, ideas etc.
The question then arises: as an individual, a corporate entity, a nation, How do i maximise my value in the general market?


The following steps ensue.

1. Identify your uniqueness and those of others
What are your unique offering; talent, skill, resource that differentiates you from the other? Its called your selling point.
Every entity is unique, however, when there are abundant of an entity over the demand of such. It tends to lose some value. In economics price of a product falls when supply is higher than demand.
Tasks that can be done by a lot of people tend to get paid less than those which can be offered by a very minute few. A service such as cleaning a dirty house will be paid less because it can be done by a lot of people but a service such as an heart surgery will be rewarded astronomically higher because it requires a specialised skill and knowledge few people possess.
Its said that no man is an island and that two are better than one. Two becomes better than one when each party posesses a unique ability that is not so sufficient in the other party who also posesses another different ability which is also needed in the achievement of their set goal.
The world has 7 continents 197 countries having about 7 billion people. However, the pace of development and prosperity enjoyed by the different countries differ, this is as a result of the combination and organization of various resources to create wealth.
Imperialism is an action that involves a country extending its power by the acquisition of territories. Such a country as so identify and developed her uniqueness that it can influence and colonize others, so also it applies to a corporate entity developing her market share or an individual offering her skills to the marketplace.

2. Exploit the power of connectivity
In this age of globalization. Power of a country or corporate entity is measured by her degree of connectivity to the outside world. A country's prosperity is judged by her Gross Domestic product but recently added as a yardstick is megabits per capita.

The rate of information dissemination within population to and from decision makers is critical. Jobs, knowledge use and hence economic growth will gravitate to those societies that are the most connected, with the most networks and the broadest amount of bandwidth-because these countries will find it easiest to amass, deploy and share knowledge in order to design, invent, manufacture, sell, provide services, communicate, educate and entertain.
Bandwidth, railroads and seaports are the backbone of commerce in countries, continents and world entirely.
Klaus Schwab of the Davos World Economic Forum once observed. "We have moved from a world where the big eats the small to a world where the fast eats the slow. Fast in terms of transmission of ideas from laboratory or board room to factory and then to the consumers, fast in terms of communication of new insights, fast in replication of new ideas etc

3. Shed unnecessary weight
To move faster its expedient that excessive and unnecessary weight should be shed. Weight such as old beliefs and practices that have lost their relevance in this age, unnecessary and unneeded items that takes up space and resources.

4. Embrace change swiftly
Its said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing all the time and expecting different results. Solving new problems require exploring new knowledge.
To experience development its necessary to embrace change. Individuals who are open to new cultures, ideas etc rapidly feed their imagination hence produce quality thoughts and ideas that leads to innovative products, service delivery or new ways of life.

5. Be open
The more open you are, the more integrated you are into the world's network of ideas, markets, technologies and management innovations. This needed absorption of new ideas is facilitated by your ability to network habitually. You cant be successful in whatever you do unless you have lots of allies. You have got to be able to compete on a global basis.
Countries such as the United States who keep their economy open to either the best brains in the world or the best technologies in the world multiply their economic growth.
This needed absorption of new ideas is facilitated by your ability to network habitually. That job, customer, contract you are seeking is being sought by other individuals with deiffering strengths and experiences from yours. Except you have friends or allies who can share experiences learnt with you, you will be limited to your own knowledge and experience.
Your networth is a sum total of your network.

6. Develop your personal brand
To attract quality network it is essential that you develop a personal brand that is attractive and connnotes some form of success. People are attracted to people or companies who have something they admire.
It may be your unique way of providing services; a specific talent or skill that you have developed and refined, or just your pleasant and knowledgeable personality. Whatever it is; develop your brand; be known for something good and interesting and you will in turn attract pleasant networks.

7. Reach out
Reaching out entails moving outside of your closet. The value of your idea or services and rewards earned thereof increases as the number of people it reaches.
As common as social networks platform are; many still do not maximise their potentials. Incredible deals and relationships could be secured on this platforms but it takes a careful and pragmatic approach, you will need to be selective too.
Communicate your professionalism or services in a fun filled format. Another great way of reaching out is travelling. It helps in learning new things, meeting new people. Attending social meetings such as Alumni meetings etc also help in expanding your networks.
As you strive to expand, however; never try to manipulate people or present a different image of yourself, be real and confident with who you are, do not seek to be heard alone but listen to others too, remember to do unto others what you would like them do to you. So give what you want; be it contacts or resources



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