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Tips from The Power of the Other by Henry Cloud

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Your performance is either diminished or improved by other people in your scenario.

You can't master people but you can become a master at choosing and dealing with people.

Getting to the next level is 100% dependent on relationship.

To get to the next level of performance, you certainly have to think differently, your brain has to fire differently.

To develop these differences in your mind (psychologically) and brain (physiologically), the equipment in which thoughts and feelings and behaviors are embodied, you need to connect (relationally) in ways that rewire you.

Humans are fueled from the outside, we need connection, and our systems are always searching for connection

 Some of the common painkillers: an affair, addictions, an attachment to promotions, awards or positive results: food, sex, latest gadgets, flattery etc. The problem with painkillers is that they don't last.


All great leaders need to be able to address their constituents with confidence and courage of their conviction, but those same leaders need a safe place to nurse their wounds, be restored and let down their guard and be real.

 We think we can fight our way through anything and just never give up. But when it comes to our needs, vulnerabilities or weakness, that's where the gladiator mentality is shown-we can't do it alone.

There isn't such a thing as a self made man or woman. Every great leader has opened up to someone who could help meet a need, whatever that need might have been.

The range of human needs is broad, but the way to meet those needs is very narrow. It involves humbly and honestly embracing the need and reaching out to the power of the other.

The leaders who accomplish the most, thrive the most, overcome the most are not afraid to say they need help.

 Sell control is built through several functions that others provide:

*Support * Growth *Respect * Accountability

The brain needs a lot of love, safety and good feelings to be able to handle and use negative inputs.

We need to be stimulated from an outside in order to keep our system healthy and thriving.

The healthiest kids come from environments that encourage them with warmth and give them high expectations.

Always work hard on something uncomfortably exciting.

Give the brain a specific, but BIG problem to solve and it will surprise you.

For those getting better goals we want to achieve, we have to create a space and routine for bringing them into existence.

To experience quantum leap you must rely on unseen forces (the angels) they rule the world.

You must practice focused attention, total faith coupled with intense desire 

Write down your desire as an accomplished fact and daily state it as a present reality for at least 30minutes.





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